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rhetorical verse

INCLUDES "AmCan Sham: The Musical "
(Rewritten lyrics from "Evita")

(154 Shakespearean form sonnets composed in August 2004)

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Thursday, August 26, 2004


[based on ISAIAH 6]

Weary from hunger of spirit

Through grim waste land I dragged my way,

And a six-winged seraph came to me

At a place where two paths crossed.

With finger-tips as light as sleep

He touched the pupils of my eyes,

And my mantic pupils opened

Like eyes of an eagle scared.

As his fingers touched my ears

They were filled with roar and clang:

And I heard the shuddering of the sky,

And angel's mountain flight,

And sea beasts moving in the deep,

And growth of valley vine.

And he pressed against my mouth,

And out he plucked my sinful tongue,

And all its guile and empty words,

And taking a wise serpent's tongue

He thrust it in my frozen mouth

With his incarnadine right hand.

And with his sword he cleft my breast,

And out he plucked my trembling heart,

And in my gaping breast he placed

A coal alive with flames.

Like a corpse I lay in the waste land,

And I heard God's voice cry out:

"Arise prophet, and see and hear,

Be charged with my will --

And go out over seas and lands

To fire men's hearts with the word."

Society seeks stability,

the artist -- infinity.


(FINAL 7 sonnets of 154) THE ARTIST AT THE END OF THE GOAD {smile}


{ACS.148_01} UNTIL YOU WONDER WHY things are

"this way" ...
{ACS.148_02} As long as you show up and go along ...
{ACS.148_03} Until you analyze the games we play
{ACS.148_04} instead of overlook what might be wrong ...

{ACS.148_05} ... You'll have no real idea what freedom means.
{ACS.148_06} If you don't ask "Why this?" what kind of choice
{ACS.148_07} will you have in your life? What kind of scenes
{ACS.148_08} can you choose to be in? What can you voice ...

{ACS.148_09} ... beyond the slogans of the TV ads
{ACS.148_10} and nurs'ry rhymes of childhood that remain
{ACS.148_11} entwined with formulas all college grads
{ACS.148_12} regurgitate, but never can explain.

{ACS.148_13} No, we learn early on to not ask why
{ACS.148_14} unless you want to get the evil eye.

{ACS.149_01} REFLECTING ON "WHAT IS" is only for
{ACS.149_02} those with the time to do it. And who does?
{ACS.149_03} Few ever have the freedom to explore
{ACS.149_04} the undercarriage of the surface buzz.

{ACS.149_05} We'd rather learn how best to grease the wheels
{ACS.149_06} than question if we ought to drive at all.
{ACS.149_07} We'd rather learn how Donald structures deals
{ACS.149_08} than wonder how to come to have the gall ...

{ACS.149_09} ... to bullshit lots of folks with such success.
{ACS.149_10} Just tell us step by step how we can climb
{ACS.149_11} the ladders set in place. We acquiesce
{ACS.149_12} to everything -- just pay us overtime.

{ACS.149_13} Necessity is what most runners face.
{ACS.149_14} They have no time to question why they race.

{ACS.150_02} for av'rage people. Not for Socrates
{ACS.150_03} or criminals or artists who may sneak
{ACS.150_04} around society. Do as they please.

{ACS.150_05} We may not have the best world that could be
{ACS.150_06} but better than the one we do not know.
{ACS.150_07} We can't afford much curiosity.
{ACS.150_08} The new could bring about
some brand new woe.

{ACS.150_09} The politician's job is not to change
{ACS.150_10} the nature of reality, but keep
{ACS.150_11} our way of life within our comfort range.
{ACS.150_12} That world lies on the surface, not too deep.

{ACS.150_13} The job of president is swim across
{ACS.150_14} what we believe preventing any loss.

{ACS.151_01} AN ARTIST or a prophet or a nut
{ACS.151_02} may shout out from the sidelines diff'rent things
{ACS.151_03} than everybody knows. Each angry "but"
{ACS.151_04} could well be true. And rabbits could be kings ...

{ACS.151_05} ... if aliens from outer space arrive
{ACS.151_06} and laser-beam us all to crispy-thins.
{ACS.151_07} NO, REAL LIFE is the deal with which we strive.
{ACS.151_08} We want security not theory-spins.

{ACS.151_09} How can the loner speak of common ground?
{ACS.151_10} A howler in the wilderness define
{ACS.151_11} reality for us when they're unbound
{ACS.151_12} from our constraints? Unless they are divine.

{ACS.151_13} And we don't think that likely in our day.
{ACS.151_14} We go to church but don't know how to pray.

{ACS.152_01} Well, that's all well and good until things get
{ACS.152_02} too out of balance, then you need a sage --
{ACS.152_03} Someone who says if you are getting wet
{ACS.152_04} then get out of the rain instead of rage ...

{ACS.152_05} ... about the fact your panties are not dry.
{ACS.152_06} Some say, of course, it's you and not the rain --
{ACS.152_07} you must have wet yourself with tears you cry.
{ACS.152_08} No, no there are no clouds. You're just insane.

{ACS.152_09} The artist says that's bullshit -- ev'ry drop
{ACS.152_10} is real, and it is stupid just to stand
{ACS.152_11} out in the rain, when you could make it stop.
{ACS.152_12} And no, this is not some strange wonderland ...

{ACS.152_13} Just notice that it's raining. Go inside,
{ACS.152_14} dry off, and ponder what BOKE's prophesied.

{ACS.153_01} SINCE JANUARY I have cast my gaze
{ACS.153_02} upon this project's possibilities.
{ACS.153_03} Its fundamentals perfectly in phase
{ACS.153_04} with all my int'rests. But it's Cutler's keys ...

{ACS.153_05} ... in the ignition, so what could I do
{ACS.153_06} but watch it drive away and off a cliff?
{ACS.153_07} This was no situation where a coup
{ACS.153_08} could turn the car. Pull out a handkerchief ...

{ACS.153_09} ... and wipe away a tear -- just one -- to grieve
{ACS.153_10} the death of an idea that had charm
{ACS.153_11} enough for lots of people to believe.
{ACS.153_12} I hope that in the end it did no harm.

{ACS.153_13} Just one more sonnet and I'll turn my head
{ACS.153_14} to other projects that are not so dead. {smile}

{ACS.154_02} that closing time has come
when beer runs out ...
{ACS.154_03} And when to fresher holes it's time to go.
{ACS.154_04} The smallest bunny doesn't even pout.

{ACS.154_05} A NEW ADVENTURE's always being brewed.
{ACS.154_06} And Bunny feet are fast and long enough
{ACS.154_07} to span whatever pebbled interlude
{ACS.154_08} must be traversed.
Though sometimes it is tough ...

{ACS.154_09} ... to pull big-headed BOKE out of the hole
{ACS.154_10} that they had pulled him into at the start
{ACS.154_11} of their last hare-brained scheme or worthy goal
{ACS.154_12} in which they're sure he ought to play a part.

{ACS.154_13} The Necessary Angel winks at God.
{ACS.154_14} I don't know what that means...
or why He'd nod.

# # #


Those 154

completes 1000 sonnets

between elections.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004


The alternative exists, however,

because the Ciceronian and Socratic

conceptions of liberal education

continue to stand in tension,

as they have since antiquity,

like the two foci of an ellipse

whose locus includes the

varying aproaches to

liberal education of

any particular time.

A History of the Idea of Liberal Education

(7 sonnets) EDUCATION, i.e., There's got to be a pony in here somewhere! {smile}


{ACS.141_02} NO LONGER function as the guardian
{ACS.141_03} of freedom and democracy. The clan
{ACS.141_04} of "best and brightest" clearly now has run ...

{ACS.141_05} ... completely out of gas this century.
{ACS.141_06} They can protect their priv'lege, but that's it.
{ACS.141_07} They hold no high ground, just use strategy
{ACS.141_08} like all the other players of BULLSHIT.

{ACS.141_09} The Bullshit Game requires a certain field --
{ACS.141_10} a level one that's seeded well and trimmed.
{ACS.141_11} A nation full of people who will yield
{ACS.141_12} to BULLSHIT: Educationally dimmed.

{ACS.141_13} The ones who best exploit this weakness rise.
{ACS.141_14} George Dubya's Gang Of Punks

now trump the wise.

{ACS.142_01} MASS MEDIA transformed the pow'r of speech.
{ACS.142_02} The world of radio and TV's not
{ACS.142_03} the same world as before. How should we teach
{ACS.142_04} our children (and ourselves) to better plot ...

{ACS.142_05} ... a course through all the noise
our culture spreads?
{ACS.142_06} A HIGHER EDUCATION, we believe,
{ACS.142_07} prepares us to succeed -- it fills our heads
{ACS.142_08} with everything success can preconceive.

{ACS.142_09} But we don't see how near a hundred years
{ACS.142_10} of media has changed the very ground
{ACS.142_11} beneath the playing field. The social spheres
{ACS.142_12} are now defined by TV's sight and sound.

{ACS.142_14} the new environment where we now sit.

{ACS.143_01} For eighty generations RHETORIC
{ACS.143_02} was central to what EDUCATION means.
{ACS.143_03} That word's now synonym for what is slick --
{ACS.143_04} "just talk, not action." Even ivy deans ...

{ACS.143_05} .... no longer have a clue why they should need
{ACS.143_06} to think about it, other than a course
{ACS.143_07} (or two) in Freshman writing. Well-degreed
{ACS.143_08} young men and women are to be a source ...

{ACS.143_09} ... of knowledge in a discipline defined
{ACS.143_10} by categories in the catalogue.
{ACS.143_11} Though speaking well most surely has declined,
{ACS.143_12} they think that Rhetoric's just ancient fog.

{ACS.143_13} Well sorry, boys and girls, you've got it wrong.
{ACS.143_14} Your head's been up your ass a bit too long.

must come --
{ACS.144_02} a shift in social practice to correct
{ACS.144_03} imbalance on some scale. Yes, slip a thumb
{ACS.144_04} on one side that's too light in retrospect.

{ACS.144_05} There are some patterns history repeats
{ACS.144_06} and RHETORIC is somewhat of a loop.
{ACS.144_07} Look back to Cicero then up to Keats
{ACS.144_08} and back to Shakespeare; up to Lincoln
-- snoop ...

{ACS.144_09} ... through time and try to feel what kind of shift
{ACS.144_10} that education needs to make to turn
{ACS.144_11} the media-imbalanced thoughts we sift
{ACS.144_12} into democracy. So we discern ...

{ACS.144_13} ... the balance in the flow of all that noise.
{ACS.144_14} Like gymnasts of the word
give our thoughts poise.

{ACS.145_01} WHY BRING THIS UP when AmCan is the case
{ACS.145_02} we are inspecting? If we don't, we'll fail
{ACS.145_03} to understand how Cutler could disgrace
{ACS.145_04} its possibility -- so badly nail ...

{ACS.145_05} ... the landing (or the take off, either one).
{ACS.145_06} THE FRAMEWORK of our culture has no holes
{ACS.145_07} for all that AmCan promised. What they've done
{ACS.145_08} is execute within the current folds ...

{ACS.145_09} ... a pattern that will not disturb a thing.
{ACS.145_10} What else would you expect, the wise might ask.
{ACS.145_11} A vetted member of that class can't bring
{ACS.145_12} a real transition, or lift up the mask ...

{ACS.145_13} ... on TV, heaven knows, they must sell bull.
{ACS.145_14} It isn't easy to get RJ's pull.

{ACS.146_01} Well, many people thought that he would try.
{ACS.146_02} THE BIG IDEA appealed to them all.
{ACS.146_03} Yes, it's for TV, but we've heard this guy
{ACS.146_04} is someone who has heard a higher call ...

{ACS.146_05} ... than where most folks in Hollywood
take aim.
{ACS.146_06} They had some faith and hope
that he'd transcend
{ACS.146_07} the box. And so, yes, he must take the blame
{ACS.146_08} for all the bullshit. Cutler badly sinned ...

{ACS.146_09} ... and can't admit it, or he'd make it worse.
{ACS.146_10} (That seems to be a trait of Hollywood,
{ACS.146_11} or simply POWER -- truth cannot reverse
{ACS.146_12} the error. Just say bullshit 'till it's good.)

{ACS.146_13} We'd have to've sent ol' RJ back to school
{ACS.146_14} before he could have made our AmCan cool.

{ACS.147_02} the bell at Bunny School and wait for you
{ACS.147_03} to pin your bunny tail on and then sing
{ACS.147_04} a song of your own making as they brew ...

{ACS.147_05} ... some Bunny Beer out back for later use.
{ACS.147_06} You sing a song of pain -- the safety pin
{ACS.147_07} that's holding on your bunny tail is loose --
{ACS.147_08} and when you're done the Bunnies shout

{ACS.147_09} The Necessary Angel can't resist
{ACS.147_10} a snapshot of your suffering to share
{ACS.147_11} with God who'll smile and lightly ball his fist
{ACS.147_12} to push that pin in deeper so you'll spare ...

{ACS.147_13} ... no passion in expressing what you think.
{ACS.147_14} BOKE turns to face the cam'ra ...
Did he wink? {smile}

# # #


The Iraq Mess proves

"the meritocracy" needs

new education.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

POWER OUTAGE ... {smile}

[T]he key failure of the New Public ...

is the lack of
[two-side public] forums.

Public leaders employ rhetorical

techniques that discourage

two-sided dialogue and do what

they can to avoid challenge

in open forums.


(7 sonnets) What's the Question?



Who will get
{ACS.134_02} two hundred thousand dollars?
That is all.
{ACS.134_03} The answer is Keith Boykin, I would bet.
{ACS.134_04} (Though surely he could somehow
drop the ball.)

{ACS.134_05} How does THE STORY that's most pleasing end?
{ACS.134_06} "America" will choose a gay black man
{ACS.134_07} or two white women with a straight/gay blend
{ACS.134_08} for president. I'd bet the Chrissy-plan ...

{ACS.134_09} ... is team up Witter/Gephardt versus Keith
{ACS.134_10} who'd prob'bly pick Malia for V.P.
{ACS.134_11} Whichever wins, the story lays a wreath
{ACS.134_12} on "in the White House gays will never be."

{ACS.134_13} A STORY that is nice enough to tell.
{ACS.134_14} Yet still, against "the bullshit" we rebel.

{ACS.135_01} WHAT QUESTIONS did they promise to address?
{ACS.135_02} Good question. Since that's not how PR works,
{ACS.135_03} which seeks to leave brain patterns
motionless --
{ACS.135_04} affirm some preexisting nods and smirks.

{ACS.135_05} TRUE QUESTIONS can make people
"think too much."
{ACS.135_06} Though polling questions are designed to keep
{ACS.135_07} all thinking in the normal rabbit hutch,
{ACS.135_08} a true one can make revolution leap ...

{ACS.135_09} ... out of a bunny hole. And who knows what
{ACS.135_10} will happen if those Bunnies all run loose.
{ACS.135_11} You can't assume they'll choose
the standard plot,
{ACS.135_12} but rather a brand new one ... with more juice.

{ACS.135_13} Remember Bunnies don't like politics,
{ACS.135_14} but do enjoy expressing pans and picks.

{ACS.136_01} WHAT QUESTIONS should have AmCan asked?
Let's vote.
{ACS.136_02} Vote on which questions to be asked?
Sounds good.
{ACS.136_03} BEFORE THE TOWN HALL dress, a petticoat
{ACS.136_04} should have been put on first.
Ask where each stood ...

{ACS.136_05} ... on what they thought their purpose was
that day
{ACS.136_06} in coming to that public space. To what?
{ACS.136_07} No, we have never seen one start that way.
{ACS.136_08} About the public mind we don't know squat.

{ACS.136_09} "TOWN HALLS" are now just
venues for "debate"
{ACS.136_10} by "higher folks," while silent people view
{ACS.136_11} the spectacle. And if it's not too late
{ACS.136_12} when they are finished yapping, they'll let you ...

{ACS.136_13} ... line up to spit one question at the stage.
{ACS.136_14} That ritual defines the people's cage.

{ACS.137_02} who asks which questions will be asked and who
{ACS.137_03} would rather go outside where there's a cask
{ACS.137_04} of Bunny Beer and shots of mountain dew?

{ACS.137_05} That's not a bad idea. Propriety
{ACS.137_06} needs loosening if we are too explore
{ACS.137_07} beyond the same ol' same ol'. Be more free
{ACS.137_08} of social fears. Leave them outside the door ...

{ACS.137_09} ... when we come back inside.
Assume the drinks
{ACS.137_10} can take the blame if we say "something wrong."
{ACS.137_11} "Blame Bunny Beer!" we chant,
and each one winks
{ACS.137_12} at every other eye. Now ring the gong.

{ACS.137_13} THIS TOWN HALL MEETING of another kind
{ACS.137_14} does not begin in front but from behind.

{ACS.138_01} "WHO HAS A QUESTION framed
in lim'rick form?"
{ACS.138_02} The Bunnies giggle -- they just made that rule
{ACS.138_03} to make the people think beyond the norm,
{ACS.138_04} outside the lines we kept inside in school.

{ACS.138_05} A bunch of drunken versifying might
{ACS.138_06} not seem the most effective way to start
{ACS.138_07} a Town Hall meeting. And you might be right.
{ACS.138_08} Depends on what "effective" means. The art ...

{ACS.138_09} ... of public conversation has been lost.
{ACS.138_10} And we must find a new way to debate.
{ACS.138_11} The still stones of our rituals are mossed.
{ACS.138_12} The Bunnies, meanwhile,
tattoo Boykin's pate ...

{ACS.138_13} ... with "VOTE FOR BOKE"
while Keith's too drunk to care.
{ACS.138_14} Tomorrow he'll decide to grow some hair.

{ACS.139_01} Some limericks are spoken, then they rank
{ACS.139_02} their interest in which path to pursue.
{ACS.139_03} AN ORATOR who's drunk, her mind is blank,
{ACS.139_04} is suddenly inspired and a few ...

{ACS.139_05} ... brief comments fill the air and lift a thought
{ACS.139_06} unspoken heretofore. Does it make sense?
{ACS.139_07} Then all the thumbslides everybody brought
{ACS.139_08} are slid. Do they applaud or do they wince?...

{ACS.139_09} ... how many and how much we see the score.
{ACS.139_10} Should she continue, or another speak?
{ACS.139_11} Change to a new direction, or hear more?
{ACS.139_12} What happens if all rankings hit the peak ...

{ACS.139_13} ... of common int'rest? Just one thing is clear:
{ACS.139_14} We must experiment ... and drink more beer.

{ACS.140_02} and nudge the empty cask back up the hill.
{ACS.140_03} The people head back home, not single file
{ACS.140_04} but rather as they choose. The Bunnies' still ...

{ACS.140_05} ... is slowly boiling down another batch.
{ACS.140_06} The Necessary Angel flys back up
{ACS.140_07} to Heaven having lent her wings to catch
{ACS.140_08} the best that people said. She'd filled a cup ...

{ACS.140_09} ... with what was said, most beautif'lly and adds
{ACS.140_10} it to the bunny brew. The evening air
{ACS.140_11} is sweetened by the steam. Each Bunny pads
{ACS.140_12} their mattress, goes to sleep without a care.

{ACS.140_13} And BOKE thanks God for bunnies as he prays.
{ACS.140_14} The Angel whispers: "Smile.
Just two more days."

# # #



"the people" were not happy

and the judges budged.

Monday, August 23, 2004


The major American

tradition of moderation

rests [more] on a habit of

submission to authority

that weakens autonomy

and democracy alike.


(7 sonnets) on the long-suffering occasion {smile} of American Candidate EPISODE 4


{ACS.127_01} "ARTICULATE and SMOOTH" Keith won again
{ACS.127_02} "Most Presidential" third time in a row.
{ACS.127_03} (What were the ratings for the other men
{ACS.127_04} and women? Once again, we do not know.)

{ACS.127_05} Keith's prize G.O.P. strategist Rich Bond
{ACS.127_06} highlights Keith's "excellence."
Our land's "diverse"
{ACS.127_07} and we need folks like Keith.
Bald head not blonde
{ACS.127_08} "smooth" and "articulate," he can traverse ...

{ACS.127_09} ... a public conversation with no slip
{ACS.127_10} beyond the normal educated view.
{ACS.127_11} Whatever question's raised, won't lose his grip
{ACS.127_12} on "reas'nable." The room concurs: "me, too."

{ACS.127_13} Says Woman-On-The-Street:
"Well, yeah," of course
{ACS.127_14} you're diff'rent colored, but the same old horse.

{ACS.128_01} KEITH SAYS it's time for leaders who "don't look
{ACS.128_02} like everybody else," which means not white.
{ACS.128_03} But ev'rything he says goes by the book
{ACS.128_04} the simularly educated write.

{ACS.128_05} HE SAYS what "educated people" think
{ACS.128_06} is what they ought to say when on the spot.
{ACS.128_07} Unwinding sentences that do not kink
{ACS.128_08} when they slip in your head. Not one mal mot.

{ACS.128_09} SO, IS THAT what "most presidential" meant
{ACS.128_10} to 61 percent in their last play,
{ACS.128_11} and 48 (or) 49 percent
{ACS.128_12} in Keene, New Hampshire; Allentown, P.A.?

{ACS.128_13} He's hung around the White House. No surprise
{ACS.128_14} he's "smooth" as all the other West Wing guys.

{ACS.129_01} IN CONTRAST, as Keith says,
there's Joyce and Mack
{ACS.129_02} who "say a little bit more than they should."
{ACS.129_03} When they get on a roll, they sometimes stack
{ACS.129_04} their phrases in "the other" neighborhood:

{ACS.129_05} A place where the "right educated" leap
{ACS.129_06} to quick conclusions: you are "not their kind."
{ACS.129_07} Just one wrong pile. The price is pretty steep.
{ACS.129_08} The house of all your cards has been red-lined.

{ACS.129_09} Just one misstep and you have been dismissed.
{ACS.129_10} AND NOTHING that you say
can change your state
{ACS.129_11} from negative to positive. You've missed
{ACS.129_12} your opportunity. And so your fate ...

{ACS.129_13} ... is living with the way they have you pegged.
{ACS.129_14} You can't unsay it even if you begged.

{ACS.130_01} REPUBLICANS, of course, don't seem to care
{ACS.130_02} as much as Democrats about a gaff.
{ACS.130_03} If Dubya screws up badly, they just dare
{ACS.130_04} "unpatriotic" "liberals" to laugh.

{ACS.130_05} Their lingo's tribal loyalty, not sense.
{ACS.130_06} Like Hitler, pandering to pride and fear.
{ACS.130_07} Key strategist Karl Rove's intelligence
{ACS.130_08} is simlar to Hitler's. Both sincere ...

{ACS.130_09} ... in their belief that their ideas must win
{ACS.130_10} "at any cost" required. Bullshit and lies
{ACS.130_11} as necessary. Masters of the spin
{ACS.130_12} that fits the minds of many, so they rise.

{ACS.130_13} Could Boykin's lib'ral,
"Well-yeah" speech defeat
{ACS.130_14} the bullshit that Republicans repeat?

{ACS.131_01} NEXT WEEK they'll do what should
have been done first.
{ACS.131_02} Use dial-groups (thumbslides)
to let voters voice
{ACS.131_03} agreement/disagreement, blessed or cursed.
{ACS.131_04} Display clear measurements of ev'ry choice ...

{ACS.131_05} ... of phrase and tone by ev'ry candidate.
{ACS.131_06} They should have used this method
to choose who
{ACS.131_07} was cast -- before they held the first debate.
{ACS.131_08} Before the other things they ran them through.

{ACS.131_09} What did vote totals measure in week one?
{ACS.131_10} Where did most votes come from
weeks two and three?
{ACS.131_11} What things exactly had front-runners done?

{ACS.131_13} IMAGINE IF all candidates had passed
{ACS.131_14} this test of competence before they're cast.

{ACS.132_01} Keith Boykin may be King of this odd bunch
{ACS.132_02} of characters selected by their type
{ACS.132_03} within a matrix based upon a hunch
{ACS.132_04} of RJ Cutler laying down a stripe ...

{ACS.132_05} ... to mark a road that he knew how to drive.
{ACS.132_06} But his map could not reach the place described
{ACS.132_07} in the Am-Can brochure. No one alive
{ACS.132_08} could pull that promise off.
Though I've prescribed ...

{ACS.132_09} ... one main idea that should have
paved the way.
{ACS.132_10} Across the nation, people should have ruled
{ACS.132_11} the casting process. But they had no say.
{ACS.132_12} The Cutler bullshit has nobody fooled.

{ACS.132_13} The cast was cast to fit what they could plan.
{ACS.132_14} That's "just a show."

{ACS.133_02} of possibilities that might yet come
{ACS.133_03} if they pulled off some perfect Bunny scheme.
{ACS.133_04} Though fast asleep the smallest beats a drum ...

{ACS.133_05} It echoes off the mountain up to God
{ACS.133_06} who wakes up from a dream
where Bunnies found
{ACS.133_07} "the answer" to "the problem." With one nod
{ACS.133_08} the Necessary Angel bends the sound ...

{ACS.133_09} ... of Little Bunny drumming to transmit
{ACS.133_10} a special coded message down to BOKE
{ACS.133_11} who at this moment's trying hard to fit
{ACS.133_12} one more iambic line and one more joke ...

{ACS.133_13} ... in one more set of sonnets for today.
{ACS.133_14} BOKE smiles at what he's heard.
Alright. Let's play!

# # #


The right dial-group size

is roughly equivalent

to the whole nation.