Tuesday, June 08, 2004


AmCan's Greenblatt said, "The ideas upon which this country was built – that anyone can run for public office and each voice counts – seem to be a thing of the past,” and he sure meant it -- even for a reality show that claimed it could be otherwise.

Hundreds of regular Joe's and Jill's applied for the show and were led to believe they stood a chance.

What they didn't know was that AMERICAN CANDIDATE had other ideas.

For RJ Cutler and the AmCan staff, the "Revolution" meant handpicking candidates not "from out of obscurity" as Greenblatt claimed, but from the same old political playground.

As of this date, it appears that at least FIVE of the finalists didn't even have to go through the same process as all the regular folk who got caught in the flim-flam. But, American Candidate is trying to add their "candidate webpages" quickly before the public notices.

Still, they were a little too late for Keith Boykin's supporters, who went to his regular webpage, since he didn't have one on American Candidate's website, and voiced their confusion. One wrote "when I went to that web site you are not listed as a candidate" and "Please advise."

Boykin revealed just how little he knew of the process the regular folks had to go through when he replied, "I am not on the website because the website does not list the finalists. The site only lists the thousands of people who applied."

Keith was right, it only listed those who applied, but he got the number wrong. It was 416. But they're adding the handpicked politicians as fast as they can, even giving a few of them multiple webpages.

Another handpicked finalist who never appeared on the website before her candidacy was announced has tried to belay confusion about her original non-status with a coda to her press release.
Supposedly, Lisa Witter doesn't have a webpage "due to technical difficulties" -- ones that evidently kept her off the webpages right up until last night. Even though the supposed application deadline was April 9.

Richard Mack did have a webpage, but since he was running for governor of Utah, and linking to his Utah Governor campaigning site on his AmCan webpage, most assumed he was disqualified. AMERICAN CANDIDATE originally stated on its eligibility requirements that someone running for office couldn't play the game.

Lucky for Mack and the others, RJ Cutler's American Candidate Game is the same game that's always played.

Joe's and Jill's without enough cash, connections, or a political pedigree, need never have applied.

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