Friday, June 25, 2004

American Candidate Showtime: Veritas Enters Left

Where oh where has my Veritas gone …
Where oh where can she be?

I'm sure I heard that, somewhere.

the art of the possible has suddenly shifted to covering AmCan as Evita?

As a mere observer of American Candidate's
tasteless phenomenon, one has to admire the
PR management of the press.
There again perhaps I'm more than a mere observer.

Look at my blog – New York was on the money –
the place where stage, management, and marketing meet.

Evita's and AmCan's
Big Apple.
And look! It's even Gay Pride Week.
The perfect chance for AmCan to say

I'd Be Surprisingly Good for You
to the gay community … as Showtime proudly sings its celebration of 2004 Pride with American Candidate.

There again, though, perhaps I'm just confused.
As confused as the press that can't see the issues
through AmCan's sleight of hand and lack of news.

Kidnapping will do that to you.

But there's a song there below.
So why not start there and see where
this musical will go?

The lyricist left off where the story begins of the press,
and the perfect missing of the point.
I'll give it a try.

(SUNG TO: "Oh, What A Circus" from EVITA --
beginning at the bridge)

Sing you fools! But you got it wrong
It seems you're duped by Am Can's songs.
The show is dead, and Cutler's through.
The vision has been turned to poo!

Show business kept the scam alive
until the press released the FIVE.
The idea was gone, and the hope worn thin.
That's a pretty bad state for a show to be in.

But Showtime's still trying to use the press
to repeat old news and miss the real mess.
And most of them do – it's hard to resist.
They haven't said much so why get so pissed.

And who am I who dares to keep
my voice still raised against this heap?
Why the exception to the rule?
Opportunist? Traitor? Fool?

Or simply one who watched it all
and saw a good idea fall
from lack of care and stupid moves –
confusion that the press approves!

Supporter buttons. There's one case
to show AmCan's quick fall from grace.
But those who cry out Perfidy!
Have focused wrong and cannot see.

Supporter buttons aren't the point!
Just clues to MORE that's out of joint!

Don't cry for Joe Caulfield's high clicks!
For he knew clicks were fixed, and not to be trusted.
THEY'RE NOT the story -- quite un-important.
And undeserving of such attention
Unless we think harder, I think we should.

(And now, I can hear the outrage.
How dare I dismiss him on stage!
Joe knows he's a villain, okay.
He accepted the role and played.

And now that's gone and stopped the flow.
May as well break and see where this goes.)

How am I doing so far lyricist?