Wednesday, June 30, 2004

The Lyricist stares REALITY in the face ... and lazily rewrites THE ART OF THE POSSIBLE to fit the mood

Understanding the "normal" constraints of Hollywood careers far more than he lets on, the Lyricist -- who doesn't compromise when any "reasonable" person would -- expresses empathy, but not forgiveness ... in song:


Low budget films
are not precise.

You're forced to cut
the corners twice.

Some-times ... it's not nice
practicing ... the ART ... of the possible.

The time you have
is not enough.

The polished dreams
must be left rough.

Lies and ... PR puff.
Practicing ... the ART .. of the possible.

When someone buys
the pitch you made ...

... the show goes on
though plans you've laid ...

... aren't right. Now you're afraid.
HOLLYWOOD ... the ART ... of the possible.

BULLSHIT's required
to start "the game."

Then make it true --
almost the same.

SOME-TIMES ... you can't tame
what you tried... This time ... it's impossible.

[I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to Veritas saying something ... like, um, Veritas would say it ... but, of course, inspired by all this singing {smile} ... to a sublime new state of Veritas-ness.]

P.S. (A CLUE) CUT the bullshit and EMBRACE the impossibility of what was attempted. Consider a different editing "frame."