Saturday, July 31, 2004

(3 sonnets) Sonnetizing the AmCan Sham CASE (PREAMBLE)

Artist vs Journalist (Round 1)

{ACS.001_01} THAT NIGHT IN '99 when Beatty spoke
{ACS.001_02} (when Courtney Love said

something in my ear)
{ACS.001_03} three-hundred global journalism folk
{ACS.001_04} came running to record.
Some could not hear . . .

{ACS.001_05} . . . what Warren said regarding "If he'd run?"
{ACS.001_06} A METAPHOR about "drum majorette"
{ACS.001_07} derailed their logic track. When speech was done
{ACS.001_08} they did not have what they had come to get.

{ACS.001_09} A WEST COAST BUREAU CHIEF (I will not name)
{ACS.001_10} sat two feet from the stage, but could not tell
{ACS.001_11} if Beatty said he'd run -- translate his fame
{ACS.001_12} from Hollywood to Washington pell mell.

{ACS.001_13} BUT IT WAS CLEAR TO ME he said, "No go."
"We don't know."

{ACS.002_01} PERHAPS it helped that Courtney Love's
loud breath
{ACS.002_02} had primed my eardrum for that metaphor
{ACS.002_03} about the "majorette." Cold logic's death
{ACS.002_04} brought on by Courtney's lips --
not stiff Al Gore . . .

{ACS.002_05} . . . or Bush flat-footed phrases all week long
{ACS.002_06} the bureau chief endured and numbed his soul
{ACS.002_07} (and other body parts unnamed). The wrong
{ACS.002_08} conclusion that he reached --
misjudged the goal- . . .

{ACS.002_09} . . . post wide enough to make you wonder why
{ACS.002_10} they'd sent him on the field. Not "on-the-ball" --
{ACS.002_11} this ivy-educated, well-classed guy
{ACS.002_12} who snubbed me
when the wrong first name I call . . .

{ACS.002_13} . . . out to him as I stride to shake his hand.
{ACS.002_14} Sometimes forget those wussy twits.
They're bland. {smile}

{ACS.003_01} WELL ANYWAY, the point of this parade
{ACS.003_02} of words bound in constraints
of Shakespeare's form

{ACS.003_03} is even if two people are arrayed
{ACS.003_04} before the same speech scene,
one may be warm . . .

{ACS.003_05} . . . the other cold as ice, when asked to write
{ACS.003_06} the facts of what they saw before their eyes
{ACS.003_07} in one location on the same long night
{ACS.003_08} when truth came marching clearly in disguise . . .

{ACS.003_09} . . . The artist with his ear brushed by hot lips
{ACS.003_10} hears what the cold-eyed journalist does not.
{ACS.003_11} Though I could never tell what Courtney quips,
{ACS.003_12} what Warren Beatty said, I clearly got.

{ACS.003_13} And, by the way, that speech
was meant for me.
{ACS.003_14} BOKE IS "drum majorette" . . . with poetry.

# # #


By the time we're done

perhaps you'll see that our eyes

have the best vision.