Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Don't tell me self-proclaimed "mean writer" ALESSANDRA STANLEY of the New York Times ... is already mushy-headed "sweet" on American Candidate?

Dropped into "Mean" Ms. Stanley's piece about Amish In The City is this "sweet" little paragraph.

"But there are also more high-minded reality shows on the horizon. This Sunday Showtime begins "American Candidate," an election year reality show in which 10 ordinary people learn how to lead a political campaign appealing to real voters and coached by real-life campaign advisers. It is not a farce or even frivolous: experts from the League of Women Voters and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard are on the advisory board."

And we thought Ms. Stanley only had the hots for "suave" Peter Jennings {smile} ...

Now, if you don't know about her natural "meanness" ... you might ponder that she referred to Teresa Heinz Kerry's removing the thumb from little Jack Kerry's mouth as an "imperious gesture" ... and sums up Ms. Heinz Kerry's self-control with this little gem "it seems as if Mrs. Heinz Kerry speaks five languages and cannot hold back in any of them".

Why so "sweet" on "American Candidate"? Wonder who she's got the hots for over at Actual Reality? {grin}

(Don't pay much attention to the tone of this post. I'm just practicing being "mean" like Ms. Stanley ... when she's not distracted. {grin})