Thursday, July 29, 2004

FACTUAL ERRORS and BULLSHIT (about American Candidate) brought to you by RHONDA STEWART (half-assed journalist) of the Boston Globe

It's Showtime for this eager 'Candidate' (Boston Globe 7/29/04)

If the country is ever ready to elect a black, Puerto Rican, Italian woman with a pierced tongue and hip-hop sensibility as president, it might be Emerson College alum Malia. Lazu

Well, as far as I know, that first sentence sounds like the truth. {smile} (Of course, I'd have to check out that piercing, and hear her rap a little to be sure. {grin}) BUT what about the rest of that piece? Let's take a look ...

REALITY {smile}

"Most of the show was filmed during primary season. In the second episode, for example, the group travels to Keene, N.H.,"

American Candidate (pre-final) episodes were filmed from JUNE 7 TO EARLY JULY. That is NOT "primary season" in this reality. {smile} For example, they were in Keene from June 10-13.

"When the show airs, voters in the state where the candidates made their appearance can call a toll-free number to choose their favorite. The two who receive the lowest number of votes square off in an elimination debate to see who'll be ousted from the show."
Except for the final (one or two) episodes, all the voting has already been completed. Voting took place in the towns/states where the competition took place... at that time.

"More than 20,000 people requested or downloaded applications for the show, and the 10 finalists were chosen from 1,500 people."
And I brushed my teeth, and the earth revolved on its axis, but the sun was not much affected by my brushing, either. {smile} I.E., Read Veritas' posts below.


Cutler said the show examines the notion people are taught in school that any boy or girl can grow up to be president.

"I promise you when John Kerry is sitting around in a quiet moment, he's got a lot of the same insecurities and anxieties these guys have," he said. "There's a point to be made about this, which is people who run for president are human. They're men and women just like you and me. They're not royalty. They're not gods. They're not chosen by gods."

No, they're chosen by television producers {serious smile} ... and other rhetorically incompetent babies. yada yada yada (More later, obviously. {grin})