Thursday, July 29, 2004

(FOR FUN) An EXCELLENT TITLE ... and WILD speculation ... by playful BILL FROST of SALT LAKE CITY WEEKLY

HEADLINE: (Excellent)
Fake the Nation:Showtime's American Candidate mocks the vote, reality style.

" ... Chrissy, hand on Lisa’s ass: “I feel your pain—and a Vicky’s Secret thong, if I’m not mistaken. Bold choice"

Well, I guess we can take a break from careful fact-checking on this one. {smile} BUT I WILL SAY that in the brief biographical parentheticals, you're leaving a whole lot unsaid if, for instance, you don't mention that Chrissy Gephardt is the daughter of Dick Gephardt ... BUT this piece is not to be read for the facts, but for the fun. No, let us not forget fun. AMEN.