Thursday, July 29, 2004

More links for today (Thursday) ... for later comment

Turned off by 2 presidential choices? Try these 10
By Bill Keveney, USA TODAY

QUICK COMMENTS (for now): Gets a lot of the framing right, but skips over the implications of method of "elimination" ... and the use of Kaplan quote is a bit "off." (More later.). AND ... journalists continue to "fall for the idea" that political competitors should be sweet and civil to each other. Respect and all that crap. Trust me. That's bullshit. (For example, Candidate Gillespie gives Jesus a bad name. He's a blasphemer of the holy spirit and is therefore going to hell {smile} That is how it is SUPPOSED to be done.)

Provo politician is 'reality' candidate
by Scott D. Pierce DESERT MORNING SUN (Utah)

QUICK COMMENT/HIGHLIGHT (for now): Richard Mack (who was running for governor of Utah until the producers called him) says that the people picked for the show are, well, just finer than fish hair ... "I think the caliber of individual that was on the show is much higher than what you'll see in real life." {smile} Yeah, TV producers can sure pick 'em good... if Mack does say so , himself. {grin}