Saturday, August 07, 2004

(3 sonnets) CONTEXT / Hyper-SOCIAL Hollywood REALITY


{ACS.022_01} "BEST HISSY FIT," "Best Spit Swap" -- MTV
{ACS.022_02} announced these categories to be won
{ACS.022_03} in its award show for REALITY.
{ACS.022_04} How could I be a hard-case on this FUN?

{ACS.022_05} Just fun. Good silly fun. It's not Iraq.
{ACS.022_06} Not war and peace. Not politics. Not death.
{ACS.022_07} Just pissed-off cursing and some

lip-tongue smack.
{ACS.022_08} I do not know who won, don't hold your breath.

{ACS.022_09} I clicked the channel -- who the hell would care
{ACS.022_10} who won "Best Hissy Fit?" It's fun to say,
{ACS.022_11} but if you seek the answer -- "no there there."
{ACS.022_12} As meaningful as Paris in the hay.

{ACS.022_13} Producers choosing things to kill some time.
{ACS.022_14} Reality TV is not a crime.

{ACS.023_01} Those "Amish in the City" got high praise
{ACS.023_02} from television critics (who like Mose).
{ACS.023_03} But ("Holy Moses") shall we count the ways
{ACS.023_04} non-Amish can bitch 'bout
who left their clothes ...

{ACS.023_05} .. or dirty plates, or tissue some place "wrong."
{ACS.023_06} Is casting bitches with no grace or wit
{ACS.023_07} and placing them in mansions in a thong
{ACS.023_08} the only thing they know to make a hit?

{ACS.023_09} A HYPER-SOCIAL situation forced
{ACS.023_10} into existence by young TV folks
{ACS.023_11} whose casting choices partially out-sourced
{ACS.023_12} to psychs and lawyers who're not
trained to coax ...

{ACS.023_13} ... imagination onto TV screens.
{ACS.023_14} That's why we get the same ol' social scenes.

{ACS.024_01} The folks who clog the cogs of Hollywood
{ACS.024_02} are socialized so well that they are blind
{ACS.024_03} to other options. Nothing's wrong; it's good
{ACS.024_04} if ev'ryone's unconsciously unkind.

{ACS.024_05} Exclusion. Casting out. The cool contempt
{ACS.024_06} of "inners" is so normal. It's the style
{ACS.024_07} of those who will succeed --
who are not whimped
{ACS.024_08} by insight to be welcoming. To smile ...

{ACS.024_09} ... when faced with "different from
the way things are."
{ACS.024_10} When Artist/Writers rule prime time, their eyes
{ACS.024_11} shoot master strokes sometimes --
far under par
{ACS.024_12} or bogey beautif'lly into what's wise.

{ACS.024_13} Reality TV can't reach that high
{ACS.024_14} until we see its "socialism" die.

# # #


Cutler's "Candidate"

has a social disease, too.

But without the spit. {smile}