Monday, August 02, 2004

(3 sonnets) regarding a 20-MINUTE ADDRESS to the nation


the hero/villain's bound
{ACS.004_02} into a chair before a TV screen
{ACS.004_03} with his eye-lids pulled open -- sight and sound
{ACS.004_04} unstoppable. This violent libertine . . .

{ACS.004_05} . . . with no choice but endure the signal sent.
{ACS.004_06} IMAGINE, if you will, a world of eyes
{ACS.004_07} pried open just like that, and each ear bent
{ACS.004_08} toward ev'ry TV tuned to ONE so wise . . .

{ACS.004_09} . . . it was assured their wisdom would inspire
{ACS.004_10} a better heart in ev'ry soul alive
{ACS.004_11} and thereby turn to light our darkest dire
{ACS.004_12} forebodings, and make all men slap high-five.

{ACS.004_13} REALITY -- IMAGINE you could talk
{ACS.004_14} for twenty minutes ...
to those free to walk.

{ACS.005_01} WHAT KIND OF PRIZE IS THAT? I'll ask of all
{ACS.005_02} who have the leisure to invest their time
{ACS.005_03} in questions such as that. A rather tall
{ACS.005_04} surmising, yes? Perhaps not worth a dime, . . .

{ACS.005_05} . . . BUT ONE of Cutler's "candidates" will find
{ACS.005_06} that opportunity when nine weeks pass
{ACS.005_07} and they will face that challenge --
pockets lined,
{ACS.005_08} anointed with faux title -- to say mass.

{ACS.005_09} A congregation of some unknown size;
{ACS.005_10} though upper-bounded by
subscriptions bought
{ACS.005_11} to Showtime. Then subtract those who surmise
{ACS.005_12} this entertainment is not what
they've sought . . .

{ACS.005_13} . . . amidst the noisy channels near the end
{ACS.005_14} of this election. (Or, think Cutler sinned.)

{ACS.006_01} THEN, unlike when Al Sharpton truly spoke
{ACS.006_02} unteleprompted to a cheering crowd,
{ACS.006_03} "the winner" will read safely, not provoke
{ACS.006_04} the danger of ideas turned up loud . . .

{ACS.006_05} . . . in interaction with the moment's field.
{ACS.006_06} There will be no surprises. In the wings
{ACS.006_07} the editors will cut. The mic repealed
{ACS.006_08} if "unexpected" happens. If thought sings . . .

{ACS.006_09} . . . a song not run through legal grinders first.
{ACS.006_10} Two hundred grand's an easy bill to pay.
{ACS.006_11} But some surprising speech can be the worst
{ACS.006_12} thing to befall a corporation's day.

{ACS.006_13} A twenty-minute teleprompter read
{ACS.006_14} is not much of a prize. No way to lead.

# # #


Why do we now call

reading from a script a "speech"?

Bad education.