Thursday, August 05, 2004

(3 sonnets) WHAT IF MEETUP MATTERED? What American Candidate Could Have Been [VERSION 2]


{ACS.016_01} THE PEOPLE WHO APPLIED seemed not to see
{ACS.016_02} the point of MEETUP -- other than to shill
{ACS.016_03} for Showtime. Too bad. Meetups were THE KEY
{ACS.016_04} to demonstrating if you have the skill ...

{ACS.016_05} ... a president should have. Which is prevail
{ACS.016_06} in public definition of your case --
{ACS.016_07} your issues and yourself. To tell the tale
{ACS.016_08} persuading people they can trust your face ...

{ACS.016_09} ... to represent them in their comfort zone.
{ACS.016_10} Relieve them of the worry "no one cares."
{ACS.016_11} Make clear a vote for you's a seed that's sown
{ACS.016_12} in fertile ground to yield hard wheat not tares.

{ACS.016_13} Can you define reality with speech
{ACS.016_14} that wins most hearts and minds

within its reach?

{ACS.017_01} IN MARCH when AmCan's site went live,
they said
{ACS.017_02} to come to MEETUP and have "live debate."
{ACS.017_03} That seemed to sail right over ev'ry head.
{ACS.017_04} BUT THINK if that had been the starting gate.

{ACS.017_05} IMAGINE IF each applicant had talked
{ACS.017_06} to people in their town and got them pumped
{ACS.017_07} to come to Meetup.
Yes, some might have balked,
{ACS.017_08} but surely future presidents aren't stumped ...`

{ACS.017_09} ... by a requirement to get fifty folks
{ACS.017_10} to judge if someone should be on TV.
{ACS.017_11} TO VOTE. Pick out true leaders from the jokes.
{ACS.017_12} Give them the pow'r to make REALITY.

{ACS.017_13} Tell them, it's them, not Hollywood who'll pick
{ACS.017_14} a voice that speaks for them,
not makes them sick.

{ACS.018_01} NOW, when you've gathered them,
you must leave town.
{ACS.018_02} Go to another Meetup zone to speak.
{ACS.018_03} Some strangers who don't know you
place the crown
{ACS.018_04} on who impressed them most. A pure critique ...

{ACS.018_05} ... not tainted by THE SOCIAL GAME back home.
{ACS.018_06} Your momma and your buddies won't be there
{ACS.018_07} to vote for you no matter how you roam
{ACS.018_08} around the issues. Strangers will be fair.

{ACS.018_09} Each fifty-person Meetup sends its choice
{ACS.018_10} to speak before 500 who've been picked
{ACS.018_11} to represent the nation. Give a voice
{ACS.018_12} proportional to ev'ry nerve that's nicked.

{ACS.018_13} There's details to work out, but that's the frame
{ACS.018_14} in which you start to paint the AmCan game.

# # #


Did four hundred folks

who were given a web page

earn the right to vote?