Tuesday, August 03, 2004

(3 Sonnets) WHAT YOU DIDN'T SEE ... in American Candidate EPISODE #1


{ACS.007_01} YOU SEE NO CLUE how Park Gillespie filled
{ACS.007_02} his rally room, and thereby had control
{ACS.007_03} of casting out Ms. Gephardt, who had chilled
{ACS.007_04} her chances by the choice to make her goal . . .

{ACS.007_05} . . . a harder one to make -- to make it fair.
{ACS.007_06} You cannot doubt she could have made a call
{ACS.007_07} and got a thousand people to repair
{ACS.007_08} to some large venue. No she took the fall . . .

{ACS.007_09} . . . from safe front-runner status,

that her name
{ACS.007_10} included with its perquisites. "The why"
{ACS.007_11} she should not have been chosen for this game.
{ACS.007_12} A game that by design presents a lie.

{ACS.007_13} A lie that hides how Park Gillespie won
{ACS.007_14} front-runner status: How "Park's game" is done.

{ACS.008_01} THE "HIDDEN NETWORKS" do not make the cut.
{ACS.008_02} THE PETAns and PRO-LIFERs can't be seen
{ACS.008_03} in Cutler's edit of the Prez-road rut --
{ACS.008_04} his presidential candidates' routine.

{ACS.008_05} WE SEE that Park says grace before they eat.
{ACS.008_06} BUT we don't hear the prayer-chain phones
in gear
{ACS.008_07} that yield his same-faith-worshippers --
which beat
{ACS.008_08} in passion ev'ry PETA, lib, and queer.

{ACS.008_09} Gillespie's Jesus-manglers on fire
{ACS.008_10} to save the lives of fetuses unborn --
{ACS.008_11} while cheering Dubya's monstrous fun'ral pire
{ACS.008_12} from shock and awe.
With flag their cross adorn ...

{ACS.008_13} . . . blaspheming ev'rything that Jesus said.
{ACS.008_14} Believe they're God's select, but Satan-led.

{ACS.009_01} Gillespie's hell-bound faithful, you don't see.
{ACS.009_02} You only hear the number floating by --
{ACS.009_03} "four hundred seven" who think they've the key
{ACS.009_04} to whip those evil lib'rals 'fore they fry.

{ACS.009_05} Though they're confused about
who's go'ng to roast
{ACS.009_06} in hell some day, for now their gospel plan's
{ACS.009_07} when "Candidate" is done, that they will boast
{ACS.009_08} a Pro-Life Christian has a lot more fans . . .

{ACS.009_09} . . . than any of those heathern Showtime subs.
{ACS.009_10} Those gays and lib'rals watching filthy trash.
{ACS.009_11} No, Pro-Life Christians who don't dance in clubs
{ACS.009_12} nor watch "The L Word" will be sure to crash . . .

{ACS.009_13} . . . the voting booth and give ol' Park
the dough.
{ACS.009_14} And twenty-minutes for a Pro-Life show.

# # #


You think this is harsh?

Blaspheming Christians will find

hell is forever.