Saturday, August 14, 2004

(4 sonnets) ON THE RADIO / Good Lord, Montel, Don't Outright Lie

8/13/04 NPR's TONY COX interviews Montel Williams and AmCan candidates Malia Lazu and Keith Boykin

American Candidate VIEWERS

AUGUST 1 (PREMIERE) - 128,000

AUGUST 8 (episode #2) -  42,000

MONTEL SAYS (8/13/04 NPR):

"On Showtime though the viewership is about 1 to 2 million people each episode"
BULLSHIT shifting into LIE
(Implies "American Candidate" is in this range. I'll cut him some slack and assume he meant to say "per hour" rather than "each episode." Otherwise the whole sentence would be a LIE. )

"and the viewers for this show seems to be going up each episode."
(No, Montel, the word "seems" doesn't shift it to BULLSHIT)


{ACS.063_01} ON FRIDAY 13, Montel Williams said
{ACS.063_02} on NPR that AmCan's ratings grew
{ACS.063_03}[from premiere to the second show]. His head
{ACS.063_04} should get a new "I LIE, BIG TIME" tattoo.

{ACS.063_05} More watched? No, two-thirds quit.
That's not a bluff.
{ACS.063_06} There's BULLSHIT, then there's stupid
bald-faced LIES.
{ACS.063_07} It's one thing to transmit selective puff
{ACS.063_08} of one fact or another to disguise ...

{ACS.063_09} ... some half-truths as the truth.
But there you were
{ACS.063_10} just flat out lying through the telephone.
{ACS.063_11} As if it doesn't matter. Sorry cur!
{ACS.063_12} The nation's had enough. Who could condone ...

{ACS.063_13} ... your lying to promote this Showtime dog.
{ACS.063_14} The nation does not need more verbal smog.

{ACS.064_01} MALIA SAYS that our "young people care
{ACS.064_02} 'bout politics," it's just "they don't believe
{ACS.064_03} [much] in our current system." TELL ME, FAIR
{ACS.064_04} MALIA, what the hell would it achieve ...

{ACS.064_05} ... if everyone participates in that?
{ACS.064_06} Legitimate the system. Prove its fine.
{ACS.064_07} Let all the fat cats keep on getting fat
{ACS.064_08} as a new generation sits to dine ...

{ACS.064_09} ... on their left-overs. Nothing needs to change.
{ACS.064_10} If young folks don't believe,
then let that show.
{ACS.064_11} Deny that voting matters. Prearrange
{ACS.064_12} non-polling places. Then say you will go ...

{ACS.064_13} ... speak out against the bullshit: Do not vote.
{ACS.064_14} REFUSAL is a better antidote.

"you don't see many blacks
{ACS.065_02} [campaign] to be the president." Implies
{ACS.065_03} that's why his play-toy run is good. Two smacks
{ACS.065_04} upside his silly head. His tones surmise ...

{ACS.065_05} ... Al Sharpton doesn't count. Or Moseley Braun.
{ACS.065_06} So, it's important forty thousand watch
{ACS.065_07} Keith Boykin have a chance
to make them yawn?
{ACS.065_08} His vacant stare will lift the bar a notch ...

{ACS.065_09} ... for candidates of color. (Praise the Lord
{ACS.065_10} and pass the AmCan bullshit, we can't wait
{ACS.065_11} to see this Clinton crony's ox well gored.)
{ACS.065_12} His tide will raise all blacks: this candidate.

{ACS.065_13} I needed one more sonnet, sorry, Keith.
{ACS.065_14} It's Montel's lie that garnered you these teeth.

the thunder rolls.
{ACS.066_02} The Lord's unhappy with this sloppy rant.
{ACS.066_03} "Yes, Montel lied. Malia's voter goals
{ACS.066_04} perpetuate the system. But, BOKE, can't ...

{ACS.066_05} ... you write some better words
than these, tonight?"
{ACS.066_06} I'm tired, Lord, all the bullshit's worn me down.
{ACS.066_07} No matter where I turn, there's more to fight.
{ACS.066_08} I need more energy to even frown ...

{ACS.066_09} ... at some effective level of contempt.
{ACS.066_10} I'm writing with my eyes shut as the rain
{ACS.066_11} is washing down the world, its rhythms tempt
{ACS.066_12} me to put down my pen, shut down my brain.

{ACS.066_13} The Lord says, "BOKE, OK, tonight you rest.
{ACS.066_14} But don't forget you speak at my behest."

# # #


I hope there's no more

outright lying by Montel

to waste my time on.