Sunday, August 22, 2004

(7 sonnets) Honey, Where's the damned Vote-By-Remote?


"Don't hiss or boo.
{ACS.120_02} Just laugh and clap for what
the guests will say."
{ACS.120_03} They're famous. They can argue.
But not you.
{ACS.120_04} If you yelled BULLSHIT!,
it might ruin their play.

{ACS.120_05} A disapproving audience might shush
{ACS.120_06} the conversation of a talking head.
{ACS.120_07} A hiss or boo their tender ego crush.
{ACS.120_08} No, it's just by Bill Maher they will be led ...

{ACS.120_09} ... around within the confines they control.
{ACS.120_10} Your positive response they surely need
{ACS.120_11} to teach the folks at home to play their role.
{ACS.120_12} You can't yell "no," unless you're pedigreed.

{ACS.120_13} And so it was that Maher
was quite surprised
{ACS.120_14} how much a few words could
make him despised.

{ACS.121_01} AN AFFIRMATION's all that power wants.
{ACS.121_02} You cannot blame the powerful for that.
{ACS.121_03} What's power?
That short question surely haunts
{ACS.121_04} both AmSham and Bush/Kerry as we plait ...

{ACS.121_05} ... the final stretches of this hairy set
{ACS.121_06} of sonnets toward the ribbon at the end.
{ACS.121_07} A pig tail, or "The Pigs Tale?" Those that get
{ACS.121_08} their way by social practice will defend ...

{ACS.121_09} ... unconsciously -- as anyone might do --
{ACS.121_10} their privileges of status they believe
{ACS.121_11} are theirs -- without debate from me and you.
{ACS.121_12} And with that rank, the license to deceive.

{ACS.121_13} BY BULLSHIT is the way they've learned to rule.
{ACS.121_14} And making troubling questions seem uncool.

{ACS.122_01} AS HITLER ROSE TO POWER his Brown Shirts
{ACS.122_02} would beat up anyone who argued back.
{ACS.122_03} The "Bullshit!" shouters learned how bad it hurts
{ACS.122_04} to be kicked in the balls. Soon Hitler's claque ...

{ACS.122_05} ... had taught the German volks to go along.
{ACS.122_06} And since the future Fuhrer's truest skill
{ACS.122_07} was amplifying those thoughts dumb and wrong
{ACS.122_08} already in the minds of public will ...

{ACS.122_09} ... the normal social pressures
pushed their steps
{ACS.122_10} on down the road that "everybody" walks
{ACS.122_11} too easily. The evil one accepts
{ACS.122_12} as friendly dog then bares its fangs
and stalks ...

{ACS.122_13} ... the quiet landscape which we praise as good.
{ACS.122_14} Naysaying silenced by a Nazi hood.

the White House flak
{ACS.123_02} responded to the Bill Maher episode.
{ACS.123_03} They hate us for our freedom ??? What a sack
{ACS.123_04} of bullshit -- one more time I must explode.

{ACS.123_05} This Nazi/White House link will surely sour
{ACS.123_06} a lot of dispositions. But it's not
{ACS.123_07} the top dog who creates his top dog pow'r,
{ACS.123_08} but those who sniff their butts.
That's where the rot ...

{ACS.123_09} ... lies in a nation claiming that it's free.
{ACS.123_10} The German people did not go insane --
{ACS.123_11} they went along. They had democracy.
{ACS.123_12} But what good's that if you won't
use your brain?

{ACS.123_13} A nation that can't stand
"That's bullshit!" speech
{ACS.123_14} may soon find all real freedom's out of reach.

{ACS.124_01} IT'S HUMAN NATURE not to rock the boat.
{ACS.124_02} It's hard to interrupt when rows and rows
{ACS.124_03} of people think the same way: "This will float!"
{ACS.124_04} BUT MAYBE you're the only one who knows ...

{ACS.124_05} ... the reason it will sink -- and so you shout
{ACS.124_06} a warning in strong words to make it clear:
{ACS.124_07} "Hey folks, we'd better take another route."
{ACS.124_08} But first you'll figure what you have to fear:

{ACS.124_09} What is the cost of your voice all alone?
{ACS.124_10} OR ARE THERE OTHERS who would also stand
{ACS.124_11} IF THEY KNEW your mind's also in this zone?
{ACS.124_12} Are you a beach, or just a grain of sand?

{ACS.124_13} The power hoarders hope you never seek
{ACS.124_14} an answer to that question -- want you meek.

{ACS.125_01} TO SHARE PERCEPTIONS without all the noise
{ACS.125_02} of interrupting everyone to hear
{ACS.125_03} a long objection -- rowdy or with poise.
{ACS.125_04} A calculation of: Am I a peer ...

{ACS.125_05} ... of thousands, or of millions? THERE'S A PATH
{ACS.125_06} I claim is worth pursuing. Now we can.
{ACS.125_07} And no, I can't project the aftermath
{ACS.125_08} of this addition. But the frying pan ...

{ACS.125_09} ... we're sitting in could surely use a knob.
{ACS.125_10} TO VOTE BY A REMOTE is what I wish.
{ACS.125_11} The promise that the AmCan Sham did lob
{ACS.125_12} into the pond with bullshit. Let us fish ...

{ACS.125_13} ... that one idea out and fry it up.
{ACS.125_14} Have you not said this all before? Well, yup. {smile}

{ACS.126_02} be happy to hop in to change this verse
{ACS.126_03} from tedious to something really good.
{ACS.126_04} BUT they are wise enough to make it worse. {grin}

{ACS.126_05} The Necessary Angel can't believe
{ACS.126_06} The Bunnies really did what they just did.
{ACS.126_07} She flaps her wings and asks you all to leave
{ACS.126_08} before you see the Bunny's pyramid ...

{ACS.126_09} ... that she hopes very much is choc'late cake.
{ACS.126_10} The Bunnies will not tell. And BOKE won't taste
{ACS.126_11} the ediface but thinks that it will make
{ACS.126_12} a perfect ending for these lines we've raced ...

{ACS.126_13} ... across a stretch of ground
that has been crossed
{ACS.126_14} one damned too many times.
Let's all get sauced!

# # #


What good are sonnets

if you don't drag in Hitler

and Bunny ... something. {smile}