Sunday, August 15, 2004

(7 sonnets) MEANWHILE IN ATHENS ... {smile}



did Michael Phelps
{ACS.067_02} become the fastest swimmer on the earth.
{ACS.067_03} Three sisters swam before. That surely helps.
{ACS.067_04} His body-part lengths. Double joints by birth.

{ACS.067_05} A keen-eyed coach spied early he had skill
{ACS.067_06} beyond the normal range, and joined his heart
{ACS.067_07} to Phelps' endeavor. All their hours fill
{ACS.067_08} with strategy and practice toward the art ...

{ACS.067_09} ... of moving through the water faster than
{ACS.067_10} all others who have chosen this path's way
{ACS.067_11} to contest one pure competence. Each man
{ACS.067_12} before the world, their talent to display.

{ACS.067_13} The diff'rence in the winning times is small.
{ACS.067_14} Four seconds slower, you won't place at all.

a child who speaks
{ACS.068_02} beyond the normal power for their age.
{ACS.068_03} No trav'ling coaches offering critiques
{ACS.068_04} and visions of a future's golden wage ..

{ACS.068_05} ... advising child and parent if they choose
{ACS.068_06} a life of preparation, they could win
{ACS.068_07} world adulation both in cash and news.
{ACS.068_08} Perfection is required, but it's a sin ...

{ACS.068_09} ... to let a talent of that level waste.
{ACS.068_10} PERHAPS there's fifty million dollars for
{ACS.068_11} Phelps' polished skill -- a pleasant aftertaste
{ACS.068_12} beyond the glory, 'cause he choose this door.

{ACS.068_13} You cannot open doors you cannot see.
{ACS.068_14} You cannot open locks that have no key.

{ACS.069_01} IMAGINE IF some document'ry guy
{ACS.069_02} decided to film high school life, but said
{ACS.069_03} "I do not want to simply verify
{ACS.069_04} the way things are, but add new things instead.

{ACS.069_05} I WANT TO ADD a forum that could shift
{ACS.069_06} the game of high school, and by that the lives
{ACS.069_07} of future generations." Catch my drift?
that revives ...

{ACS.069_09} ... the honor and the power of each voice.
{ACS.069_10} Gymnasium allowing strength to shine.
{ACS.069_11} Designed to let the students make a choice
{ACS.069_12} that matters. And "the bullshit" undermine ...

{ACS.069_13} ... infecting youthful holding pens so long.
{ACS.069_14} A way to "un-ding" freedom.
Bring the "dong." {smile}

{ACS.070_01} THE AmCan SHAM'S A SHAM
because there's not
{ACS.070_02} a framework in the world where it could be
{ACS.070_03} a fitting culmination of a lot
{ACS.070_04} already gone before. Now, don't you see?

{ACS.070_05} They had to start from scratch and try to find
{ACS.070_06} "olympic medalists" when no one's trained
{ACS.070_07} to take the field. No wonder they were blind
{ACS.070_08} men on a search for elephants who feigned ...

{ACS.070_09} ... they knew what they were grabbing for.
{ACS.070_10} You should not grab an elephant right there!
{ACS.070_11} No, Cutler, that is not a rigid snout.
{ACS.070_12} I hope you brought shampoo
to wash your hair. {grin}

{ACS.070_13} (Hey, this is Showtime -- we need some profane
{ACS.070_14} excitement. Or our interest might wain.)

{ACS.071_01} FROM PHELPS in the Olympics to high school
{ACS.071_02} past jungles filled with elephants we drive
{ACS.071_03} through this night's verse-safari's
swimming pool
{ACS.071_04} of pieces of the puzzle take a dive ...

{ACS.071_05} ... and do not bang your head.
Try the deep end.
{ACS.071_06} The theories that you need to hold your breath
{ACS.071_07} as long as Phelps' 400, and to bend
{ACS.071_08} your common reference points
to point of death ...

{ACS.071_09} ... allowing Resurrection. Jesus Christ
{ACS.071_10} could tell you that's the order that's required.
{ACS.071_11} The safety of the known so highly priced
{ACS.071_12} demanding that you always be attired ...

{ACS.071_13} ... in same ol' same ol' --
strip that off and swim
{ACS.071_14} where freedom dangles a new paradigm.

{ACS.072_01} NOW NAKED, WE ARRIVE upon a scene
{ACS.072_02} IN ANCIENT GREECE as we begin to run
{ACS.072_03} a marathon. Our muscles firm. Our lean
{ACS.072_04} hard bodies. And hand-painted on each bun ...

{ACS.072_05} ... a Showtime advertisement reads "So Gay!"
{ACS.072_06} The present population's quite confused
{ACS.072_07} by this anachronism on this day
{ACS.072_08} in seven seven six B.C. Amused? ...

{ACS.072_09} I hope so. We've been running low on fun
{ACS.072_10} and naked provocation. Don't you think?
{ACS.072_11} So as our weenies dangle on our run,
{ACS.072_12} enjoy this momentary ancient kink ...

{ACS.072_13} ... to lighten up the wait until tonight
{ACS.072_14} when AmCan number 3 will come to light.

{ACS.073_01} NO, CALVIN TRILLIN cannot write like this.
{ACS.073_02} His pen-is much too old to pull this off. {smile}
{ACS.073_03} He cannot write nude sonnets. Cannot kiss
{ACS.073_04} beyond six couplets.
Touch your toes and cough ...

{ACS.073_05} ... and be inducted to our martial corps.
{ACS.073_06} Gymnasium of rhetoric's our place
{ACS.073_07} to exercise -- create our own damn door
{ACS.073_08} the world has not provided. The disgrace ...

{ACS.073_09} ... our nation (and poor AmCan) has secured
{ACS.073_10} may yet be overwritten by our work.
{ACS.073_11} The glory that's in Athens may have lured
{ACS.073_12} some water skimmers. Elsewhere, others lurk ...

{ACS.073_13} ... in disciplined seclusion to transform
{ACS.073_14} cold bullshit of the world to pure and warm.

# # #


A swimmer can't swim

without water to swim in.

The same goes for speech.