Tuesday, August 10, 2004

(7 sonnets) A SIMULATION of what BOKE might have said ON TERRORISM at the rally in Keene



{ACS.035_01} A SPEECH DEPENDS on what all faces say
{ACS.035_02} in ev'ry moment. There's no faces here:
{ACS.035_03} a sonnet simulation of the way
{ACS.035_04} my mind links FRAGMENTS when

there's paper near.

{ACS.035_05} A LIVE SPEECH SITUATION you prepare
{ACS.035_06} for hours or days or weeks the sum of years
{ACS.035_07} of reading and selecting what you care
{ACS.035_08} most pow'rfully about -- sometimes to tears.

{ACS.035_09} It won't be 'till you walk onto the stage
{ACS.035_10} the final locking of your starting line
{ACS.035_11} will roll onto your tongue, unlock the cage
{ACS.035_12} that all this moment's tension will refine ...

{ACS.035_13} ... and you set sail in waves beyond your own.
{ACS.035_14} I'd never give a speech that's set in stone.


{ACS.036_01} "IN TIME OF WAR!" A time of war? BULLSHIT!
{ACS.036_02} What "war"? There is no "war." What do I mean?
{ACS.036_03} When THE one SUPERPOWER wants to sit
{ACS.036_04} on anything, it can. IMAGINE KEENE:

{ACS.036_05} Suppose that Dubya wanted Keene erased.
{ACS.036_06} (He'd heard there was a motorcycle ban.)
{ACS.036_07} So one night drinking 'till he was shit-faced
{ACS.036_08} he called in strikes.
"Drop all the bombs you can ...

{ACS.036_09} ... on Keene for forty days." Is that a war?
{ACS.036_10} Keene could do nothing but let Dubya kill
{ACS.036_11} as many as he wants. He'd heard Al Gore
{ACS.036_12} was plotting to go nuclear with Bill.

{ACS.036_13} He'd heard you folks were armed
with carpet knives.
{ACS.036_14} Preemptive bombing Keene would
save some lives.

{ACS.037_01} Is that "a time of war"? Or is that "nuts"?
{ACS.037_02} A superpower's technologic might
{ACS.037_03} unleashed on anywhere to kick some butts.
{ACS.037_04} To call it "war" means we turn out the light ...

{ACS.037_05} ... and do not count the people that are slain.
{ACS.037_06} IN WAR. A TIME OF WAR. That's just the job
{ACS.037_07} description of the word. The bombs you rain
{ACS.037_08} unhampered by each scream and mother's sob.

{ACS.037_09} A SUPERPOWER has no right to use
{ACS.037_10} THE WORD called "war."
It does not fit the facts
{ACS.037_11} of choosing to fight battles you can't lose.
{ACS.037_12} THE MEDIA repeat it 'cause they're lax.

{ACS.037_13} To call it "war on terror" is a lie
{ACS.037_14} that makes it fine for innocents to die.

{ACS.038_02} Police are not allowed to bomb a school
{ACS.038_03} to get the bad guy. Good cops would do time --
{ACS.038_04} as Bush and ev'ry bullshit-spouting fool ...

{ACS.038_05} ... in his administration ought to do.
{ACS.038_06} And ev'ry worthless, coward Democrat
{ACS.038_07} especially "war heros" who in lieu
{ACS.038_08} of standing up to them, all simply sat ...

{ACS.038_09} ... down on the job, afraid that folks would think
{ACS.038_10} "in time of war" ...
You see what bad words cause?
{ACS.038_11} When bullshit rules the nation, we all stink.
{ACS.038_12} No longer honored people and their laws ...

{ACS.038_13} ... but rather an asylum, armed with nukes.
{ACS.038_14} A bully who tells babies raise your dukes.

{ACS.039_01} The strongest nation in the world seems weak
{ACS.039_02} when it is screaming "Oh, we're so afraid."
{ACS.039_03} With Christians who don't seem to ever peek
{ACS.039_04} into Christ's words --
blaspheming as they wade ...

{ACS.039_05} ... into the bullshit of preemptive strikes
{ACS.039_06} to keep their frightened souls
from heaven's gate.
{ACS.039_07} Where do they think that Jesus said he likes
{ACS.039_08} his children to kill those consumed with hate?

{ACS.039_09} A Christian president should shut their mouth
{ACS.039_10} about their faith,
or they will smear Christ's name
{ACS.039_11} with bullshit. If events are heading south
{ACS.039_12} a superpower sometimes acts the same ...

{ACS.039_13} ... as terrorism on the largest scale.
{ACS.039_14} But only if all other measures fail.

{ACS.040_01} AS PRESIDENT, I PROMISE to destroy
{ACS.040_02} whatever needs destroyed. My faith in Christ
{ACS.040_03} will not constrain my choice. I will deploy
{ACS.040_04} all forces necessary. Not enticed ...

{ACS.040_05} ... by anger or by fear or my own peace
{ACS.040_06} of mind regarding what's beyond this life.
{ACS.040_07} I will suggest that Bible-thumpers cease
{ACS.040_08} their disempowering of Christ. His Wife ...

{ACS.040_09} ... The Church should not turn Jesus' name
to shit
{ACS.040_10} with votes for violence. They'll go to hell
{ACS.040_11} for that, so I'll suggest that they should quit.
{ACS.040_12} The words of Jesus is what they should sell.

{ACS.040_13} Beyond that, I'll set Jesus' name aside
{ACS.040_14} while I am president. Our power ride.

{ACS.041_01} THE CRIMES OF TERRORISM must be stopped.
{ACS.041_02} POLICING CRIME is not a brand new thing.
{ACS.041_03} THE CRIME OF 9/11 surely hopped
{ACS.041_04} the level of how much bad crime can bring.

{ACS.041_05} BUT using silly words won't make us strong.
{ACS.041_06} We are not safer if we scream of "war."
{ACS.041_07} That word will license any mess --
what's wrong
{ACS.041_08} with our sad situation is the door ...

{ACS.041_09} ... we walked through that says anything we try
{ACS.041_10} is justified. That's why the right words count.
{ACS.041_11} I'm good at choosing words. I am the guy
{ACS.041_12} who knows the price of each one
that I mount ...

{ACS.041_13} ... in public view for all the world to see.
{ACS.041_14} If you want the right words said, vote for me.

# # #


I would never read

a speech composed of sonnets.

But I might sing it {smile}