Sunday, August 08, 2004

9 more [s]crappy LIMERICKS in response to another rhetorically incompetent Harvard-mafia-nitwit journalist's commentary on American Candidate {smile}

JENNIFER 8. LEE (NEW YORK TIMES) "I Am a Political Consultant, and I Play one on TV" (says a clueless journalist/critic who thinks consultants are cool, apparently)

[1] Here's Jennifer 8. -- Harvard moron
(another one? yes) -- sure to pour on
more fuel on my fire.
What stupid folks hire
articulate dumbasses? War on!

[2] Jen thinks Cutler's experts make good sense.
But what good was Trippi? Just ex-pens-
ive waster of time.
A thief of each dime
that Dean sucked up. (Is Ms. 8 that dense?)

[3] "Consultants" repeat the same game, dear,
that's played with the same plays as last year.
They cannot create.
Like journalists, mate
the teeth that they see with an old gear.

[4] Repeaters of bullshit, J. No-brain,
link non sequiturs like a wet stain
that's not on their bed
but runs through their head
when gushing for class-mate crap, in-ane.

[5] Each self-serving quote you gave page space
is making their PR folks say grace
for blessing this shit.
Jen, numbered nitwit,
just burnishing RJ's besmudged face.

[6] Who told you "The War Room" had value?
Another nit-wit with the same view
across Harvard Lawn
where lights never dawn
except in the form of de-ja vu?

[7] Yes, Carville and George are now famous.
But Cutler's film did not new-frame us.
No insights at all.
Like Clintons, et al.
No health care secured. They just gamed us.

[8] Hel-lo, Ms. 8, ivy-class air head.
I'm sure all your friends liked what you said.
Articulate snot.
Rhetorical? NOT!
Iraq shows "how well" your kind has led.

[9] Incompetence? Yes, I'm accusing
the power-class ivy-schooled. ... Crusing
to whip their high butts --
Rhetorical cuts.
Their claims of "what's real," I'm refusing.

Yeah, pretty shitty limericks. But crappy writing at the New York Times doesn't deserve better than that, now does it? {grin}